The Permanent Collection

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The Permanent Collection - For Sale

The Permanent Collection of the Norman Lowell Art Gallery of Alaska was placed on the market for sale May 1st, 2010. For more details, click to download the "Official Letter of Sale". Or call 907-235-7344 and personally talk to Norman or Libby Lowell.

Composition is the major key in my work. Impressions are gathered from many sources. The expressions in my work are developed through contemplation and envisioning of the work that appeals to me. Mentally I entertain various compositions and often sketch elementary thoughts and ideas and images. The process is composition, the same as one composes music, or in rendering other forms of art. Impressions enter the mind and expressions flow out. There is poetry and music and action in painting, the same as there is color in music, and imagery in poetry or thoughts spoken. The identifiable expression and enjoyment is in the individualism of the composition. Therefore the work of art brings power and beauty and spirit of the artist to the viewers.


The Permanent Art Collection is now offered For Sale as of May 1st 2010.
These works include: Oils, Watercolors, Pastels, Acrylics, Drawings and many valuable and varied artifacts and sculptures.

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Why Sell the Permanent Collection?
Norman Lowell is 82. He and Libby his wife believe the time has come to fulfill the hopes and dreams of their lives. They desire to use the gains of their lives to help the less fortunate ones of the world and aid in the mission work of the church.
Norman and Libby still enjoy the patronage of their art enthusiasts, clientele and ever increasing body of new visitors each year.
However, they have chosen this time to part with their most valued possessions for a greater good and for the future of the Norman Lowell Art Collection.
This is an OPPORTUNITY of a lifetime to own one of the finest and largest collections of art in the United States.
Download the "Official Letter of Sale"

Your interest or referrals may be made known by contacting:
Norman Lowell Gallery
P.O. Box 167
Anchor Point, Alaska 99556
Phone: 907-235-7344


To speak to Norman or Libby personally call us at: 907-235-7344

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