The Norman Lowell Gallery

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You are about to view the art of Norman Lowell, painter of Alaska. His work is exhibited in a very different gallery setting and it is presented in a personal way by the artist. Through his own hanging arrangement, lighting, and sequencing of the work with thoughts on each painting, the viewer is drawn into the artist's work and is able to perceive the expressions of the artist.

All the paintings in the gallery are rendered by Norman Lowell. The paintings are one man's view of Alaska and of his impressions of this 'Great land', and of his philosophical imagery expressed in many of his works.

Fifty years ago I came to Alaska to paint the wild north country. Alaska captured me and has inspired me all these years. The beauty and wonder of Alaska have carried my imagination to its heights and moved me to express my impressions in the art of painting. The result of my fifty years in Alaska may be seen in this gallery, which exhibits over 300 works in various mediums. The gallery is approximately 10,000 square feet and also contains sculptures and artifacts. Many paintings are large. The Spirit of the North, the largest in the collection, measures 7 feet by 14 feet. Seventy-five percent of the gallery's works are in the permanent collection and include the more recent works. Twenty five percent are in the sales gallery.

The gallery is open to the public each year May first through September fifteenth. I hope you enjoy my paintings as you view them through this window.

Admission to the Gallery is Free.


To speak to Norman or Libby personally call us at: 907-235-7344

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